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February 1, 2014
MZILIOS Joins NYSE Stock Surveillance Program

We are delighted to announce MZ Ilios Partners, LLC inclusion into the NYSE Stock Surveillance program effective February 1, 2014. With MZ Ilios Shareholder intelligence, companies are provided with an integrated solution that maximizes the efficiency of their targeting program and measures the effectiveness of their investor outreach. In conjunction with our Shareholder Intelligence program, MZ Ilios provides IR Shareflow, its interactive web based application that provides un-paralleled insight and analysis of what investors are doing in your stock. For additional information click here -

September 23, 2013
M Group innovates and develops webcast platform for tablets and smartphones
São Paulo, September 23, 2013 - MZ Group, the largest global independent investor relations consulting firm and the innovation leader in financial market communications, is launching yet another pioneering product for its webcast platform. Now analysts, investors or anyone else who wants to access information in real time anywhere in the world can do so via mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

In addition, transmissions will use the H.264 standard, which has several advantages such as ensuring a stable connection and allowing users to choose the sound and image quality of the videos they want to see.

"Transmission via mobile devices is part of our innovatory expertise in the financial communications market. We develop products that facilitate, integrate and, above all, expand accessibility in communications between companies and their target publics," declared Rodrigo Alves, CEO of MZ Group for Latin America.

Stay in touch while on the road with IRNavigator Mobile. IRNavigator clients have mobile access to share ownership, CRM activities, contact and institutional profiles, targeting grades, and much more. For more information on IRNavigator mobile, please email
A Fast, Intuitive Platform for the Investor Relations Professional
In your office or on the road, the importance of accurate information has never been more essential. IRNavigator arms users with powerful tools and resources to improve efficiency and communication across your company's Investor Relations Department.

IRNavigator provides a seamless, cohesive platform for:
  • Fully-Integrated Stock Surveillance
  • Accurate Institutional Ownership
  • Detailed Institution and Contact Profiles, which can be customized for clients looking for specific content for management. Are you spending time building profiles for management?
  • An Integrated, enterprise Contact Relationship Management (CRM) tool that allows multiple users to manage communications with institutional shareholders and the sell-side
  • Targeting institutional shareholders through our proprietary databases by firm style, institution type and location
  • A proprietary email system that has been optimized for delivery of vital corporate communications in an easy three-step process
  • Shareholder Activism: Do you really know your shareholders? Can you afford to be caught sleeping? IRNavigator has enhanced its shareholder activism area, which was introduced at NIRI in June 2005. Institutions and contacts now have distinct links to activist stories. IRNavigator not only provides an Activism Grade for each institution, but also links to empirical instances of activism
  • Current News, Charts, and Quotes
IRNavigator brings together the latest technology, proprietary ownership, contact and profile databases and an integrated Contact Relationship Management (CRM) offering into one solution. IRNavigator has been built using focus groups and client feedback; everything from the data to the underlying functionality of the product has been built with one thing in mind – to provide a product that is fast and easy to use with comprehensive and accurate data.

Hot Targets™ - IRNav's online quantitative targeting solution. Hot Targets™ combines fundamental and peer/sector-based models to produce a proprietary Hot Targets™ grade for institutions and funds.

Significant Features
  • View how prospective shareholders rank by Hot Targets™' Fundamental Grade, and by IP Grade (Hot Targets™' proprietary peer/sector grade).
  • Users of Hot Targets™ now have insight into how grades are compiled - grades are no longer a mysterious black box to corporate Investor Relations officers. The Hot Targets™ Fundamental Grade identifies how a shareholder scores for various fundamental categories, while the IP Grade adds additional peer/sector factors.
  • Hot Targets™ also factors Surveillance into the Hot Targets™ Grade. More than just utilizing the latest current surveillance ownership, Hot Targets™ factors latest purchases and sells into its models, which drive and influence the Hot Targets™ Grade.
  • In addition, Hot Targets™ features Purchasing Power, targeting by Metro Cities, and identification of key contacts.

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